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Patriotic Youth League (Australia)

The Patriotic Youth League (The League) was the precursor to the Eureka Youth League. The League was established in 2002 as a radical nationalists youth organisation; independent of, yet affiliated with, the Australia First Party. The League was formed in Newcastle in Australia by Stuart McBeth (then aged 21), who was an economics undergraduate student at the time at the University of Newcastle.



  1. To develop a youth movement that will provide an entry point for those youth with an interest in politics and the well-being of New South Wales and Australia more broadly.

  2. To act as an advisory group (mentors) to various patriotic/conservative groups on the issues and concerns facing young people.

  3. To provide access to other young people with similar views and allow for discussion and debate on current affairs and policy development.

  4. To arise debate on the currently Labor Party dominated education system which limits history to the treatment of Aboriginals and the arrival of migrants, ignores the values of our current constitution and vilifies Australian patriotism outside the sporting arena as ‘extremist’.

  5. To foster the development of youthful activism and participation in the community within the constraints allowed by law.

  6. To encourage the growth of a counter-culture to the current leftist scourge of gangs, drugs and crime.

  7. To uphold and promote the principles, ideals and policies of Australian democracy in all our activities.

True patriotism whispers to every born Australian




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